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Soft Paws

Dr. Hasty applying Soft Paws on Sadie

Even though we do not carry Soft Paws at Progress Park Veterinary Hospital, we would love to help with your first application. After purchasing Soft Paws you can schedule an appointment where we show you how to apply them at home. Soft Paws is a wonderful alternative to declawing. If you are interested in Soft Paws, be sure to ask at your cat’s next preventive care exam! We can even help estimate a size for Soft Paws at that time.

If you’d like more information about Soft Paws for your feline friend call us today at 815-224-2858 or visit Soft Paws are available online at and at PetSmart.

To view a gallery of cats using Soft Paws, visit

Our clients love Soft Paws! Here is what one satisfied customer had to say…

photo 3
Sadie the cat wearing her new Soft Paws.

“Being a forced cat lover, I also had to deal with the destruction of furniture from clawing.  After having my cat, Sadie, for about 5 years I made the decision to have her declawed.  I did some research on the procedure used for declawing a cat, watched the youtube procedure, and said out loud to myself, “no way am I putting my cat through this procedure!” By this time my cat was more important to me than the furniture. Furniture could be replaced, my beloved cat could not.  A friend of mine told me about the applying of these “soft paws” onto the existing front claws of the cat and when they scratch anything, including their master and other people, it is very “soft”.  I kind of laughed at this idea at first and likened to one of those “As Seen On TV” gimmicks!  When I moved back to the LaSalle-Peru area I decided to try them on my cat.  I made an appointment with Dr. Hasty at the “Progress Blvd Veterinarian Clinic” and she applied them.  The cat of course was a bit hesitant but, the application of the softpaws only takes a matter of minutes.  Me, my mom, and the cat are all happy and delighted that she can do all the scratching she wants to and nothing gets damaged!  Well, maybe the cat has a different opinion of this? Being a cat, I’m sure her choice would be to claw, claw, claw, and move on to more stuff to damage!!”


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